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Trail Fest has seven speakers throughout the day ranging in a variety of topics! The speakers are located behind Oak Ridge Lodge. Please join in!

Trail Fest Speakers
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Orienteering Cincinnati

Learning to Love Being Lost: Orienteering's Got a Map For That!


If you like hiking or trail running, you'll love trying orienteering. And if you like hiking or trail running, and solving puzzles, and finding treasure, and feeling confident and accomplished, you'll love taking up the world-wide sport of orienteering! And when you find yourself orienteering, you might learn to love being lost.


Amy Lamborg, president of Orienteering Cincinnati, and co-speaker Cora both started orienteering about 3 years ago. For Amy, that represents 5% of her life. For Cora, it represents 25% of her life. Who likes being lost more, Amy or Cora? Come find out!

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The Archeological Research Institute: Marcus Schulenburg

With Canoes and Shoes – How and Why People Have Always Traveled to the Ohio Valley


Marcus Schulenburg has been the Senior Archaeologist at ARI since 2019. He has studied the precontact archaeology of the Ohio Valley for fifteen years, specifically focusing on the development of villages ca. AD 1000.  His specialties include the study of ceramic production and the built environment.

As long as people have lived in the Ohio Valley, people have been traveling here, and traveling from here elsewhere throughout the continent. Who lived here? Who visited here? Where did they all come from, how far did they travel, how did they travel, and what brought them here? While we enjoy the hikes and trails around Cincinnati today, this talk will discuss some of the archaeology of the area specifically addressing these topics.

Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance

Trail Maintenance and Sustainability with Trail Specialist Brian Howell


I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Attended Eastern Kentucky University and graduated with a Bachelors in Recreation and Park Administration with a concentration in Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resources. After graduation I worked seasonally for the next 3 years with the Forest Service in Colorado (Medicine Bow – Routt National Forest) and Alaska (Tongass National Forest) learning about trail maintenance and construction. Following the seasonal work I landed a full-time trail position in Louisville Kentucky working for the Parklands of Floyds Fork. It was here I was able to work alongside the International Mountain Bike Association’s - Trail Solutions crew and began firsthand knowledge of mechanized trail construction. In 2018 I began my position with Great Parks to help plan, design and build more trails in my hometown. 


Favorite Trail – Devil’s Causeway 

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Nancy Ball

Are You Afraid of the Woods??  Hiker safety and the 10 Essentials


Have you noticed that every noise you hear outside your tent sounds exactly like a bear? Do you wonder if you’ll someday have to saw off your own arm? Do you worry about how many stalkers and axe murders are lurking on the trail??

When it comes to hiker safety, there are the things we tend to fear the MOST… and then there are the things we actually SHOULD be concerned about. Nancy Ball, author of “How to Poop in the Woods”, avid hiker, backpacker and adventurer, will help us understand what the real trail concerns are and how to be prepared for them. We’ll debunk a myth or two and discuss the trip-ending accidents that are seen most often by Search and Rescue teams, as well as the circumstances that lead to those rescues. The focus of this session will be on preventing accidents and mishaps. You will also leave equipped with an understanding of 10 essential items to always have with you when you are out on the trail.

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Roads River and Trails

Footwear and Packs, Miles with Smiles


Join Experts from Roads Rivers and Trails and find out about the importance of properly fit footwear and backpacks. They will go over fit tips, and model differences that can lead you to a better on-trail experience. Goodbye blisters, it's time for miles with smiles!


Ashley Bishop Ducheney

Kids and Backpacking! Success for kids, from kids… And Mom!


Ashley Ducheney and her kids for a laid back conversation about how to get started backpacking with your kids and tips to help them want to do it again. 


Ashley is a Cincinnati Hikes Trail Leader has been backpacking with her kids since they were each 2 years old and so far they still beg to go more often. Mom and kids will share the lessons they've learned and answer your questions about how to have a safe and enjoyable time. All skill levels are welcome. Attendees will determine what we discuss and topics could include hiking motivation, gear, safety, sleeping, bathroom tips, and more. They may even share their favorite motivational song... "This is the hill that never ends. It just goes on and on, my friend..

Aclipse Campervans

Getting the wind knocked out and taking the next breath


This is a story about an unlikely pair who become friends when one of them is sucker punched by life, causing them both to gain perspective and drastically change course. Between getting the wind knocked out and taking the next breath, they realized the strength that was built by spending time outdoors and having adventures in new places with the people they love the most. So between being knocked down, they helped each other get back up, make a plan, and create something they were super passionate about.  Helping people get outside, disconnect, and create memories with their loved ones.


Sofia was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. She came to the U.S. on an athletic scholarship to study college. She has a BA and MBA from Lincoln Memorial University. She loves trail running and exploring new places. Starting Aclipse Campervans has been one of the most exciting adventures. She is passionate about finding new trails, learning to rock climb, and skiing in the winter. She loves living in Cincinnati.

Emily Bruns is a Cincinnati native. She has a BFA from UC, DAAP, and MAAE from the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Emily started her career teaching elementary art at Cincinnati Public Schools. Emily grew up spending a lot of time in the outdoors with her family and the Girl Scouts. She is also an avid runner which is how she met her business partner Sofia. In 2019 Emily and Sofia bonded over their love of adventure, travel, and nature.  Emily and Sofia were looking for a new challenge and Aclipse Campervans was born. Emily left her teaching job in order to put all her energy into Aclipse full time in May of 2020.

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Cincinnati Hikes

A Cheers to Nati Nature


The mission of Cincinnati Hikes is to create connections for folks. We connect people to the wonderful places and spaces in Cincinnati nature. We host a positive and encouraging place for people to enthuse about the amazing nature we have right here in our backyards and beyond.

We connect people to the incredible outdoor resources that we have here in Cincy. Amazing organizations and small businesses here work on the daily to make nature more accessible and protect it for generations to come.

We're proud to be co-hosts to the very first Cincinnati Trail Fest. We will raise a glass to the incredible organizations and volunteers that made this happen.  

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