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General Info

What is Cincinnati Hikes?

Cincinnati Hikes is a social group founded in 2019. We love all things (Cincin)Nati Nature. We love sharing knowledge, being positive and encouraging, and enthusing about everything we love to do outdoors. 

Cincinnati Hikes is a safe space so all are welcome. We do not tolerate trolls, bullying, or being a jerk! 

We believe in preserving nature through Leave No Trace Principles and giving back to the nature that we love so much. We love sharing information and pictures of our adventures digitally. We love answering questions about our favorite hikes and gear. We're here to lift one another up and enjoy this beautiful community we have here in Cincinnati! 

Do you have events?

Yes!! We have events all the time! There are events for every outdoor adventurer of every skillset, style, and activity. 

All Cincinnati Hikes Official events are going to be found in the events tab up at the top of our Facebook Page and Group and on the website. There may be other events listed, but anything labeled Cincinnati Hikes or Cincy Hikes is us. We love to see you at our events. They are free (unless costs are specified) and we have hikes of all kinds from water adventures, camping, cycling, meet ups, learning events, volunteering, and backpacking events, to name just a few.

If you're coming, be sure to RSVP so we know to expect you. Please read the entire event description so you're prepared. 

Do I have to RSVP to events? 

Yes!!! You must RSVP for every event. Even if you have told the Trail Leader you're coming, please RSVP via the website. Even if you are a regular with us, please RSVP.

You must RSVP and there's a couple of reasons why. Firstly, by RSVP'ing you are agreeing to the Legal Liability waiver which you can find in a tab above. Secondly, if something happens with this hike or the Trail Leader cannot make it, an Admin of Cincy Hikes will be reaching out to you via the website and we want to make sure that we can reach you. Thirdly, we want to know that you're coming. If your Trail Leader is a sweetie and is bringing cookies we want to count you. If there's a million people signing up for one particular hike, maybe we need multiple Trail Leaders to keep the group together. 

Regardless, one of the ways that we get to keep providing you with fun and free events is if you RSVP so please make sure you do so every time! 

Can I bring my friends, my pets, and my children?

Kids, pets, and friends are welcome if it is appropriate for them unless indicated in the event description. If you are unsure if a hike is appropriate for a friend, please post a comment or reach out to the Trail Leader and ask! Friends over 18 must have read the liability agreement and friends under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Please let us know you're bringing littles by indicating on the RSVP! 

Dogs are welcome on hikes unless indicated in the event description. Dogs must be on a leash at all times no longer than 6 foot. They must be people and other dog friendly. Your dog must be under control for the entire hike. Dogs that are off leash or acting aggressively will be asked to leave with their owner with or without a warning prior. Dog owners are required to clean up after their pet and pack out the waste. If you have questions about your specific dog, please feel free to ask

What if I can no longer attend a hike?

It’s totally okay, it happens all the time. Please make sure you change your status of your RVSP. You can do this by responding to your RSVP email that you can no longer make it or write a quick contact form and we'll take your name off the list! 

What if I am running late?

We love when you are on time for an event! Out of consideration of the other hikers and Trail Leader,  please try to be on time. However, we have all been stuck in traffic or gotten turned around. It happens.  Please make sure that you reach out to the Trail Leader who is leading the event to make sure that they  know you’re running behind so they can decide to wait for you or let you know that the hike has to  continue without you if you’re going to be too far behind (usually with a direction so you can try to catch up!).  

You can find who is hosting the event at the top of that event page. You can click on their name to send  them a Facebook message or even call them through the Facebook app. 

What if the weather turns bad?

Sometimes hiking in the rain can be a wonderful experience, but keep an eye on the Facebook Page events and your inbox for any changes or cancellations. We will try to post a comment with the status as soon as they can!

Can I get some swag?

Interested in some swag?

Our brand new SWAG is in! Check it out!

Visit Cincinnati Hikes's shop, for cool artwork on awesome products!

Our OG t-shirts come in one color, but are our lowest price! Follow the link to check out sizes for kids through adults. They do run small for sizing.

Women's cut on tshirts can be found here:

What if I do not have gear?

If you’re new to hiking, you may be intimidated by the thought of buying expensive hiking boots or  trekking poles or hiking specific clothes. I am here to tell you that that is not necessary for most hikes. A  good pair of sneakers will do just fine. Dress appropriately for being outside in the weather as well.  Other gear will come down the line once you figure out what type of hiker you want to be. 

If we are hosting an overnight and you need gear, please reach out to us! Most of us are admittedly gear  hoarders. We can work on seeing if someone is willing to loan you what you need. If that’s not possible,  a lot of outdoor recreation companies “rent” gear out cheaply such as Roads, River, and Trails Milford or  REI. If nothing else, we can suggest cheap gear that you can purchase that will suffice until you become a  hoarder like us. We want you to be able to go if you’re interested. Let’s talk and see if we can work it  out. 

What if I have an idea for a hike or want to host a hike?

AWESOME! Please reach out the admins to make suggestions! We love hearing from you, and we love  when you show us around your home trail! There is no one better to show us around than you! Check  out the Trail Leader page to learn more about how simple it is to host a hike!

What is Leave No Trace?

Leave No Trace is the core of our philosophy here at Cincinnati Hikes. We believe wholly in all their  seven principles for leaving only footprints and taking only pictures. These principles are in place to keep  you safe in nature and nature safe from humans. You should take the time to learn more about Leave  No Trace and all their principles at their website at

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